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Monday, August 30, 2004


A new sales rep at work started August 16. He resigned today. My immediate thought was - What did I do? He had only really worked with me, just getting started on his sales calls, and I know that I hadn't offered one of his customers one of the options he had suggested and we didn't get the order so I thought, man, was it my fault he was leaving all of a sudden....

I sent an email as such to my husband. He responded: NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT YOU!!!! And I guess this means that the great mood of this weekend is now on a down turn.

You know what? That was the right thing to say. It's NOT all about me and I have been feeling so wonderful this weekend, I wasn't going to give that up. So the spin happened - 180 degrees - and I was good again. Took all of 5 minutes from spin to spin.

David, the president, posted the announcement of this man's resignation with a note that this was this man's 5th position in 1 year. Then I thought, geez, that sounds like bipolar behaviour. But then again, it's not all about me. Just because people act like me doesn't mean they are like me.

Let's get off Planet Blondzila....

The three of us (Rob, Adam and I) went to Chapters and got Adam some more books. He's going through them like Demi Moore goes through plastic surgeons. Pretty good for a kid that was supposed to be dyslexic when he was 5.

Rob's watching TV in our bedroom. I am going to go. The Seroquel's still not kicking in, but it's getting late for an old girl like me.

Life is good.

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