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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Buckley's Mixture

I think this stuff is only in Canada. Man...

I love being Canadian and think Canada is the best place in the world to live.

But every time I get a cold, (which usually become bronchitis, and has been that way since I was a wee lassie), Rob force feeds me Buckleys.

Read up on this. Especially the advertising bit. The ads were quite successful here. And I think everyone here has had Buckley's ONCE in their life. I think it's part of the citizenship tests now too: you wanna be a Canuck, you gotta swallow Buckley's. Straight from the bottle - no spoon for YOU, Mr. Iwanna B. Canayjun.

This stuff tastes like boiled cedar bark (don't ask how I know what that tastes like).

But it does work.

Strange how the things that are the hardest to swallow are the most important.

There might be a lesson in there...nah. Too late for me to think complex thoughts. Time for bed and ARRRHH more Buckleys.

Blogger Meitar said...
Huh. :) I'm going to play devil's advocate and ask how you know what that bark tastes like. I'm also going to wish you the best of health and to get well soon.

But, I'm also posting to say that I'm sorry for not having responded to your comment promptly. I'm in the middle of restructuring that whole old site of mine so things are a little hectic. Here's the permalink for my belated reply to you. (Please also forgive the brevity.)

And a disclaimer: Currently, there's some strange layout bug affecting Internet Explorer for Windows that I haven't fixed yet so beware if you view the site with that browser.  

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