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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Change of scenery in more ways than one

Not only am I still employed, my job function has changed (for the fourth time in 9 months - somewhere the BPer in my is ecstatic with the chaos), and I am at a new desk with a new "team partner". We are paired up in the office for what department we work for and the guy I'm going to be working with now is laid back and easy going.

The woman I worked with before is the office diva. I never realized it at first - I thought I had done something wrong. But over time and via conversations with others in the office, I realized that it is NOT just me and she really is a diva. I am more productive, talkative, happier, better stronger faster.

I am Jamie Summers ripping the phone book in half.

If you do NOT know who Jamie Summers is, google it. It would lose so much in translation.

I am now off to my second last week of hockey drills camp. I will kick ass :-)

See ya later gators.

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