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Monday, October 25, 2004

A day's rest

I had today off work. Slept in til 9.20 am. Been a long time since I've done that. But instead of feeling really energetic and rested, I've had this low grade irritation running all day.

So midday I went outside to clean up the gardens a bit pre-winter. The sun was out and it did feel good.

Then my son came home from school and asked if he could work on my computer for his homework because his wasn't letting him connect to the internet. I started tinkering with his, and getting deeper and deeper into a morass of spyware, viruses, and what I believe is an outright ISP hack into his computer. Four hours of digging to find what I think is a chain of ISP addresses someone is using to bounce through or into his computer, originating from a MAC (maybe??)

This has been done by someone who knows computers far better than I and I'm afraid that even when I've cleaned it all up there'll still be something there I've missed and they'll still have access to our little network here.

So $900.00 we have a new computer. It's not high end by any stretch and I talked the guy at the computer store into giving me a demo monitor because they had no others of it in stock for 15% off. I am NOT setting it up tonight because my patience is at zero now. I'd throw it out the window.

What was meant to be a day of rest really ended up being a string of aggravations. Some of that though was due to my outlook - glass half empty sort of thing. And that's really unlike me.

I've got to make a concerted effort to find that positive thinking woman that was here a few weeks ago. She's had her day of rest.

Blogger moodymicello said...
Au contraire. I believe the positive woman is there; she is just incognito. Who else but the positive woman would solve the mystery of the computer intruder? You just didn't get your day of rest the way you had thought of it. You had a day of diversion. Sometimes I hate it when that happens. But it's the nature of the beastt --- we can't be satisfied to sit back and leave the undone undone for even a day. eh?  

Blogger moodymicello said...
Let me add You are full of silliness to think you could actually relax on a day off! That's Bipolar Briilliance  

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