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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Random Thoughts

Various thoughts throughout today, in completely random order:

The weather outside looks like winter from here, it's so grey.

Don't they realize that if they think it's cute now, when he's 5 it'll be a nightmare? Correct him!

It's sad when someone is unattractive both as a male and a female.

Move out of my way: I've asked once nicely, next time I'll ram the cart right up that bony ass.

He really is a dear man and I don't know how I ended up so lucky.

I want to make out my will, but am afraid. Sometimes the lack of one and the fear of what would happen to my son in that case is the sole thing that keeps me alive. It's been a common cyclical thought process lately.

That was body contact, ref. Or are you waiting for her to actually remove my head from my shoulders before you call a penalty?

I need to burn off some more energy - bike time.

Why does the canning recipie say on step 2 to crush and boil tomatoes and on step 3 say stir tomatoes, DO NOT CRUSH? That makes oodles of sense. To crush or not to crush, that is the tomato.

I never knew green tomatoes, unripe ones that is, have a toxic compound in them. Learn something new every day.

Why do people go on these reality shows? 15 minutes of fame is not worth that.

I can't believe so much of my hair is in the dryer lint catcher. Man, it's a wonder I'm not bald.

I do not have even remotely enough coffee in my system this early.

That goal was completely my fault - I just couldn't hold her back any more.

If I have a shower now, you know Murphy's Law is Rob will call.

Canadian comedians are the best.

I'd love to switch to Topamax to lose this weight but the side effects I just read on the Health Canada website are daunting. Besides, Rob isn't keen on upsetting the apple cart once again, searching for a holy grail that may not exist: meds that are perfect.

Blogger moodymicello said...
Random Comments:
The sad thing is they won't understand how the nightmare hapened.
Too many people shouldn't be allowed to drive shopping carts!
He is the lucky man to have you!
Make out your will; it is important. You never know what might happen and you have to protect your son.
Stir the crushed tomatoes; but your joke is funny.
I didn't know about green tomatoes either.
Maybe you have that much hair in the lint filter because you didn't drink enough coffee or it is being loosened by the person roughing you up in hockey which the ref didn't see?
As to Topomax, Rob does not have to take your meds; you do. He does not have to live with your weight; you do. It is true he lives with you; but he is not you. I switched to topomax after some serious side effects from zyprexa. I've not had any side effects and I've lost 30 pounds. I know the fear of starting a whole new regime, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. There probably isn't a 100% perfect medicine but if there is one that doesn't cause weight gain that you can tolerate wouldn't that do something for your geneeral good feeling about yourself? Just passing this along in case you don't know anyone who has taken topomax. I've had reactions to about six other medications but not to this one. My pdoc had told me that it is generally well tolerated. For what it's worth there's some comment from my side of the fence.  

Blogger Cliff said...
Re: the meds... It took almost two years to get to a cocktail of meds that my doctor calls "odd but effective." This is from a man who is the son of the doctor that brought ECT therapy to the US and is the head of two large hospital psychiatric departments.

Odd. Thats me.

Anyway, about the tomatoes....the first crush is to remove the seeds and gel stuff from in between the sections. The second instruction is saying not to crush the boiled tomatoes (which were already without seeds and etc.)

Or, they could be trying to see if you are paying attention :)  

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