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Friday, October 22, 2004

She saw her see saw in the see saw

I've been, as my mother quaintly would say, up and down like a toilet seat at a mixed party this week.

It didn't help that I completely forgot my Seroquel Wednesday night. Then I was waking off and on all night.

Work has been very stressful, with kudos coming from the right hand and reprimands from the left. I'm going into work for a bit tomorrow to make sure that I'm not only caught up but a bit ahead of the game.

I'm taking Monday off. Just for me. *pats self on back*

Monday, Adam's father takes him to school, so I don't have to get up early. I will sleep in until I'm finished sleeping. Oh, the luxury.

I'm also seriously considering printing off that mood chart, but forgetting to fill it out would be one more reminder of things that I can't remember anymore, pissing me off and making myself feel guilty and useless even more than normal. I do that a lot lately.

Rob's bringing pizza home tonight. Then it's off to power skating (for the non-hockey crowd among you, it's a class that helps you fine tune the power type of skating that hockey players use. It's not an instructional class in the sense of teaching you to skate but rather to skate in a more powerful and effective way that matches the speed of such a fast transitional sport).

Now I'm off to read other blogs. Look out blogdom, here I come.

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