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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I can't be that old

Tonight is a strange night. My 13 yr old son and I are going to a local school for the arts that he wants to possibly attend next year.

Next September.

When he enters High School.

I can't be that old. I'm not yet 36. How can I have a son in high school. I just left high school last month, it seems.

Tomorrow is another information session, at his own school, to go over the raft of schools in the area. This session tonight is a special one, just for the arts school. My son is quite gifted artistically (I mean with paper and pencil) and has thought about this school since he was about 8.


High school.

But I have it on good authority (had my hair cut recently) that
1) I have NO grey hair, and
2) because of the colour blonde I am (kind of a golden ash blonde), I will have to have basically a whole mop of grey hair before it really shows.

Maybe I'll be one of the younger looking high school moms :-)

Blogger moodymicello said...
I have it on good authority that many of us have passed for 36 when well into out 50's so I'm sure you've got it covered! You go girl. Michele  

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