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Monday, November 08, 2004


I never really came out and said who my preference was in the US election. I felt that, as a Canadian, it was both moot and almost rude: it is not my country. I felt keeping my opinion as neutral as I could was fair.

Apparently, there is so much dissatisfaction with the results (I read somewhere this is the closest ever a war-time incumbent has come to being unseated) that there is an influx of
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    I really don't think there will be the influx here as there was during Viet Nam. But the thing that bothered me about this article is the comments about Canada at the end of the second page.

    We as Canada sit here and behave ourselves, keeping our own counsel and not speaking too much about how things are in the States. We, like a lot of the developed world, rely on trade with the US for a good portion of our economic stability. We are
    also in the top three of the USA's trade sources: they rely on us as well. It's a symbiotic relationship and has been since well before the two countries had a bit of disagreement in about 1812 when a group of Canadians marched on Washington and burned down the White House (don't believe me? look it up).

    It really irritates me, however, when Americans assume to know what it is like to live here. It actually makes me quite angry. I know you're the land of the free and home of the brave, and I know all about the thirteen stars on your flag and what they represent. I am well aware of the culture of Manifest Destiny, championed by the grinning Teddy Roosevelt as he stretched across the Panama Canal. I don't assume to know what it is like living in middle America. But if I chose to ignore objectivity and fairness, I could make a lot of assumption.

    But I don't. I know what people tell me and I relay facts. That's all. I don't make assumptions and I don't look down my nose at your below the 48th parallel.

    Please do me the same favour. We are your quiet cousins here. Personally, in the mood I'm in, I would close the border to all US immigration: you can all sit in the corner down there and work out your problems. Don't bring it here and ruin a beautiful way of life.


    I said it. And far nicer than I could have (I've edited this a few times).

    Now I'm going to go calm down.

    Blogger moodymicello said...
    Blondzila, let me for one, apologize for the rude and whiney, spoiled masses of the U.s. who don't appreciate what they have. I have been to Canada only twice long ago and ten years ago. Yours is a beautiful country and I found the people warm and friendly. I suspect it is a beautiful world with its own problems just as everywhere else. Again, apologies to you. We are not all like the article you were reading. Michele  

    Blogger blondzila said...
    I know it's not the majority Michele and I think that was genuinely a BP moment for me but thanks for the kind words in any event.  

    Blogger Franikins said...
    I have been spending long summers, from May to October, in Canada for the last three years. I love the culture that Canada has. I love the Air Farce, This Hour has 22 Minutes, and all the Canadian content. But before I met my fiance, I didn't know that Ontario was a province! Shame on me. Now I can name all of them and their capitals. My fiance learned about American history/geography in school. But I didn't even have accurate US maps. I grew up thinking that Alaska was off the coast of California along with Hawaii because that's how it was depicted.
    Even though I've visited Canada for 18 months, I don't have the gall to say I know what it's like to live there. I know what it's like to vacation there. And that is great. I also know that Jean Chretien was much funnier than Stephen Harper will ever be. And the proof is in the proof when it's proven.
    I apologize for my obnoxious fellow citizens and I hope that I don't appear to be one of them.  

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