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Monday, November 15, 2004

Knock on wood

When I was away, for a couple of different reasons, my meds schedule was screwed up - either I was late (Wednesday and Thursday) or wasn't able to only take half (on Friday).

And I'm still here, still stable. And I know that things are moving along tickity-boo because I have been filling out the mood chart. I've been hovering between "stable" and "mild" on the high side for almost 2 full weeks.

Now today I go back to work to see what mess I have left after three day absence. I also have the craft show Saturday and I'm not even close to being ready (I need more inventory so I'll be making jewellry in my sleep). These two items will test my mood, to see if things genuinely are levelling off or the three days away from work (one of my big stressors in life) simply allowed me to have some peace and quiet in my mind.

I'm leaving for work in about 20 minuntes. Knock on wood (as I touch my forehead) things go well.

Blogger moodymicello said...
Well, as you know, there was quite a bit of stress involved when travelling with the level of management you accompanied, having to be "on" 24-7 and all. I am just curious to see how you found things after your return from three days away from the office. I hope it didn't leave you with your head up to the boiling oil! Michele  

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