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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Charity Begins at Home

Adam just realized he hadn't got his father anything for Christmas. My cold is settling in quickly so I said we're going now. Within walking distance of our house is a Future Shop, which is the Canadian equivalent of Best Buy (never mind the fact that Best Buy bought them about 2 yrs ago). So we went there and Adam bought "Johnny English" for his father on DVD.

Then we drove down the street to a friend of his where he dropped of a tin of cookies and brownies I made. They are a nice family who always invites Adam over while I'm at work so the two 13 yr olds can "play" together (I think at 13 they're not really playing anymore, but I don't know what else to call it). Then we drove to the local firestation to drop off some toys that we had for the Children's Christmas drive.

Adam felt pretty good - everything we'd done was for someone else.

Hmmm, perhaps a lesson was learned?

Blogger moodymicello said...
Good lesson learned and why am I not surprised with the Mom he has. By the way, I think it's called "hanging out" at 13. Just back from Christmas eve dinner with close friends (Ruth's daughter and husband). She has gone home. Bill is having a beer with John (Ruth's grandson/Bill's friend) in the all weathered in addition and planning just how he wants his shop set up. I am going to read til sleepy and go to bed. In the morning it will be Merry Christmas. My mind still doesn't get that it is Christmas. It's so weird. I think it's because my mom's not here. that, or because the wedding is upon us. Anyway, it will happen tomorrow and I guess I'll know then! My best wishes to you and Rob. Michele  

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