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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Relief and hope

Think of something you can do. The staggering size of the disaster stemming from the Indian Ocean earthquakes is mind numbing. The speed of these waves was three quarters that the speed of sound. Basically, they heard it and it was on top of them. From one account, it sounded like jet engines approaching.

The most tangible thing these people need right now is money. Money to dig, money to bury, money for medicine, food and shelter. Money to help reunite. Money to help care for the lost. Money to secure hope for a tangible future.

If you cannot share some of your own wealth (and relatively speaking, I would hazard a guess that every single reader of this blog is far richer than 99%, if not 100% of those affected by this disaster), then offer a prayer to whatever deity you call yours. And if you are not of a prayer-offering bent, then hug your child, spouse, dog, neighbour, your Christmas tree or your refrigerator and be thankful for the life you have, the safety you enjoy and the choices you have available to you tomorrow.

I'm positive these people would gladly trade their choices with you.

Blogger Dangerous Mind said...
Agree with you totally. I would go so far as saying 100% of your readers are better off than majority of those affected by this tragedy.

I've seen the poverty first hand when visiting relatives in India. Fortunately they themselves have not suffered from these events.

I gave generously to United Way recently(maybe too genrously since they never phoned to thank me before). Not that I could afford to do so, but because I thought "how could I afford not to help others". I'll find some more money somewhere........  

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