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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

So ya wanna be a Canuck....

There was an interesting article I read at lunch today.

So often, Americans think we are the same, Canadians and them. Apparently, Europeans see us differently. And I think a lot of Canadians see ourselves as distinct - we live here and not there, for one.

The implication in the article is that Canadian politics isn't as heavy and we have a "light heart and quick wit". I can think of far worse things to be tagged with :-).

Blogger Cliff said...
Yep. I certainly wanna be a Canuck!

I'll bet your stores even have CHRISTMAS up there this time of year.  

Blogger moodymicello said...
I love it. My daughter in California is so turned off by our political system that she is threatening to leave the country. I gave her your blog site so she could read the article. Maybe there's a solution for her, Michele  

Blogger blondzila said...
Oh yes, Virginia, we DO have our Santa Clauses :-) I live very close to what we call a "Power Centre", a series of interconnected and strategically placed stores - not a mall, because most of the buildings are separate and on their own. I live close enough to *almost* have people park on my street for overflow parking. Almost. But yes, Christmas is alive and well in the retail world, on the lights on my neighbours' houses. We had snow, but it's gone. My mom has snow, I think. She lives about an hour north of me. And my sister, who lives an hour west-northwest of me.

And I'm glad you guys took the article in the spirit it was intended :-) Sometimes I worry about things like that. Then other times, I'm a manic idiot who says things and then realizes days later that, umm, maybe that wasn't a good idea :-)  

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