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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Sunday Funnies

Germans have always had a reputation for being open with their bodies. I mean, German porn is wild (I read that in a book somewhere...yeah....).

I think this is funny, and I give them full credit for trying. They've got more cojones that I do (should that be Baelle...I have to keep up with that book to teach myself German that I bought when I was in the hospital).

I think this is funny too, but not for what you might think. Read the article and get the name of the company that did this. That's just too goofy.

this seems to be a candidate from TLC's What not to Wear that just got the rules so mixed up (aside: god I hate that Stacey Lunden chick, or whatever her name is. She's so smug I wanna knock her one. But I digress.) I guess when your mom told you to always have clean underwear on she didn't mean for them to be exposed like that.

This guy must be bipolar. I mean, with a name like that, who needs a personalised licence plate.

And last but not least: I find this funny not because of the article itself but the picture to the left. Just because they're talking about Canadians, a picture comes up about beer. It has jack to do with the article, but hey, they're talking 'bout Canadians, eh so we best t'ro somet'ing about da beer in der. (Newfie accent for the uninitiated).

Blogger Dangerous Mind said...
Thanks for the Sunday Funnies......made me chuckle.

The articles / pictures were good. But I laughed more at the following sentence "I mean, German porn is wild (I read that in a book somewhere...yeah....)".

Not that I am in a position to comment on the accuracy or otherwise of the statement. It's just that I tend to make alot of asides in brackets when I am writing, and usually find the throwaway comments more funny and sometimes more revealing.

I ventured outside an hour ago because there was no milk. I went to Loblaws first (why I thought it would be open on Boxing Day - I just don't know). Thank God for convenience stores or more specifically Rabbas Fine Food.

Anyway since "The Beat Goes On" was only a few doors down I thought might as well buy a CD or two. (Hey it's only fair since I did not get any Christmas presents).

Anyway the point I was going to make was that the sign in the window said "shirts and shoes must be worn". The sign made me laugh, and I just thought who the hell needs to be told in this weather.

The days I can still laugh at the little things then I feel life's good.

If I only had one wish it would be "to continue finding the little things in life funny".  

Blogger moodymicello said...
Thanks for the laughs when I needed them. Am up to my ears in packing for the wedding, picking up Christmas, getting ready for Mike and the boys, etc. We leave for Dallas around noon tomorrow. I note that the lake swimmers were drinking mulled wine which begs the question as to how much they had before jumping in really seemed like a good idea.  

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