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Friday, December 31, 2004


This makes me angry.

Why does this have to come down to "we gave more than you did"?

Yes, Engel shouldn't be calling anyone stingy. We all give what we can. But this is not a competition!

If the Americans really want to show Undersecretary Engel an even playing field of how much they give, absolute dollar value isn't workable. We have to consider the size of the economies that are providing the relief. Let's use Gross Domestic Product. Here's a sampling of just a few countries and their donations.

Denmark's government donations so far: 1.82 million
USA: 35 million
Canada: 40 million CAD, or approx 30 million USD
Britain: (last information I had was about 30 million USD - not sure where that site gets $370K pounds)
Austria: $1.36 million
Australia: $26 million

So how does this work out as donations as per a percentage of GDP?

Denmark: 1.17 %
USA: 3.34%
Canada: 3.21%
Britain: 1.96%
Austria: 5.97%
Australia: 4.97%

This show that yes, the Americans are far from stingy. But neither are they "leading the way" as they might believe. Canada, my home and native land, is far from leading the way either.

Can we now just drop the "I'm better than you are" pretensions and just give aid without looking around to see who's watching? If we really want to give from the heart, then we do it with a single focus: to help, not with pomp and circumstance that ensures we get recognition.

These poor people have been through a hell none of us can imagine. They still live it. As I've said before: give if you can, and if you can't or choose not to, thank you lucky stars that you are still here, able to debate such trivial matters as who gave the most money.

Blogger Dangerous Mind said...
Well said. I too get annoyed when I hear people talking or spouting BS. Let's all be thankful for what we have, and what we can with the less fortunate.

Thanks for your comments. Still feeling tired but at least I am fortunate enough to be still here.

For that I thank my lucky stars.

You may want to check ou tmy latest warblings.....

Happy New Year. May 2005 be the year that a better or at least a more stable life unfolds.  

Blogger Dreaming again said...
What is it with us in North America? (yes, we Americians are far worse than the Canadians about this, but I've got more than one friend in Canada that says the Canadians do more than their fair share of it)of thinking that we're better than everyone?


Blogger moodymicello said...
Give from your heart with a realization of the damage you are trying to repair. give with compassion and care or don't give at all. take your pride off for a stroll for the media. michele  

Blogger blondzila said...
I agree with all three of you.  

Blogger Digger said...
This reminds me of a little picture in my primary school childrens Bible-it was of a guy who was waiting till everybody was watching till he put his money in.

No doubt it was there to illustrate some cool Jesus saying about giving cheerfully and in private, not as a show. (As a theology student I'm probably expected to be able to articulate that a whole lot better-but oh well!)  

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