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Monday, December 06, 2004


Water washes it all away.
It freezes and trembles
under aloof azure gaze,
But still I wish it would stay.

Water washes it all away.
It laughs and squeals
in a green gloved glimpse,
And night then overtakes day.

Water washes it all away.
Muffled, it struggles but
Fights to the surface where
sunlight and magic both play.

Water washes it all away.
The scales of the sickness
fall, in darkness and light.
Purity is born once again.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
a fish?  

Blogger Meitar said...
I wish I was inspired to write poetry more often…. This is good.

And now for something completely different: Have you stopped publishing your Atom feed? It's not been updated in a long time, but you keep posting new entries. Are they just not showing up in your feed?  

Blogger blondzila said...
No, it's not a fish, but that's a good guess. These are actually deliberately ambiguous descriptions of scenes in my head from various runs I have gone on. Winter snow clear day run, through a woodlet, alongside a river, the shower afterward. Running keeps me sane and I haven't done nearly enough of it lately. The images made me feel better, so I wrote of them.

And as for the Atom feed - I have to check. I've not been doing anything I haven't always done (if that's not too convoluted a phrase). Thanks for the kind words :-)  

Blogger blondzila said...
Ok, re Atom - for some reason the Site Feed had flicked to NO. I fixed it :-)  

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