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Saturday, January 22, 2005


I've actually sold three pieces of my jewellry this week on eBay. I'm shocked. :-)

I'm not making a mint at it by any stretch of the imagination, but my intent is to start small, even if I have to lose a bit of cash at first, and get a sense of what people are really willing to pay. Then I will set up an eBay store and just keep steady stock.

If anyone is interested in seeing pieces, you can do an Advanced Search on eBay and search for blondzila68 (that would be me :-)).

The making of the jewellry keeps me out of trouble and satisfies the low grade mania (hypomania) that has been darting around me for the past week or so. So it's win-win.

Blogger Cliff said...
What a wonderful idea!!!  

Blogger moodymicello said...
Good for You! Proud of ya! I need to get on there and have a look-see. Glad it is keeping you out of trouble. Done any writing? No, I haven't done any practicing. (frown) but I'm going to tomorrow (smile)  

Blogger xxan said...
Hello Blondzila,

First of all, thank you for your reply. As you can see, I AM giving Blog a chance. (thank you, Michèle too)

We will see what it gives...

Congratulations with you selling jewelry on e-bay! I wish you the very best of luck!



PS I indeed must have changed something in my blog in the button "posting a comment". Thanks for mentioning it. It is fixed now. Hope to see you soon.  

Blogger Franikins said...
Terrific! I am so glad to hear that you've found something that helps you out. And due to the fact that I have read the Canadian Sears catalog, I know that you've spelled jewelry correctly...for Canada. ;-)

PS-I did an advanced search and didn't get any results. Do you still have anything there?  

Blogger blondzila said...
Yep, there's still three pieces there. Do an advanced search based on items by seller. blondzila68 - no caps. It should work :-)  

Blogger Franikins said...
Found them! Very nice. Very nice, indeed. I get it. You're working with wire when you're wired. It's a positive way to turn energy into beautiful pieces of jewelry. That's great. I like win-win situations.  

Blogger blondzila said...
Thanks :-)  

Blogger xxan said...
Blonzila, thank you for your comment. I wouldn't in a hundred years criticize someone like you who has a child, or more than one. You didn't have a clue concerning your diagnoses, and then, still, it's everyone's personal decision. My point was only that, if you know you have a mental illness, and it's a family thing, one should at least THINK about it.

I'm delighted that you have such a talented son and I'm sure he takes a very precious place in your life. (a precious "thing" I miss, and it hurts, every day)


Blogger moodymicello said...
If Adam is up to it, he should do a sketch of you making jewelry. Michele  

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