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Sunday, January 30, 2005


I've had some weird things in my sleep during the past while. It's not been just this week while I've been awaiting the job offer (which I got and I'll detail later in another post if I remember), it's been for some time, but this week seems particularly full of these events.

First off, I sleep and then I get these huge...I dunno - TWITCHES. It's like my entire body goes into one giant spasm, or as if I had fallen off a building and hit the ground. Of course it wakes me up. Sometimes not completely awake, but enough to go "Hey, stop doing that, stupid body."

The other thing, and Rob said this has been for months now, I have taken to chuckling in my sleep. Rob'll be lying in bed, watching TV, and I'll be asleep beside him. Rather than talking, I'll just chuckle, like I've just caught someone trying to pull a fast one on me and I'm full of disdain for their puny attempt. The first time it happened he thought - what the hell? He heard the sound but when he looked over, there was me, blank faced and drooling. Then it happened again, a few minutes later. Since then, he said it happenes at least once a week or so. He said it just confirms my weirdness. Like I needed confirmation :-)

Tomorrow is Adam's audition for the school for the arts. I'm gonna hit the hay relatively early (took my Seroquel 20 minutes ago and it's not kicked in yet, but there's still plenty of time), and be ready to go when his dad drops him off at 8 tomorrow morning.

Blogger Dreaming again said...
I walk in my sleep ... talk in my sleep ... eat in my sleep (always something I don't like, normally peanut butter and I never put it where it belongs ... we have found the peanut butter in the bathtub, my hot rollers, the dryer, under the bed, in the cats food dish, under the couch cushions and the list goes on.) The worst is the showering in my sleep ... I'm not content to climb into the shower and let the water wake me ... OH NO .. Peggikaye has got to empty the entire lenin closet into the bathtub with the shower running, THEN Peggikaye goes and gets dressed, usually in 2 to 3 or more layers of clothing ..water is still running in the shower ... THEN and only then will the sleeping Peggikaye slip into the shower (usually cold water ..because even if it started out the hot water by now it's GONE) and when the water hits, of coarse I'm startled awake ... and faced with tons of soaking wet clothes, towels and sheets that now must be taken care of. ARGH!!! Yes, we laugh so you may laugh too.

My psychiatrist was convinced that my eating disorder caused my sleep eating and that if I ate normally, I'd stop eating in my sleep, that I was doing it out of a reaction of mal nutrition ..however ..I've been eating normally for 2 years and have had 8 discoveries of peanut butter in that time! Soooooooo he's wrong ... it's part of my sleeping disorder.

The upside of all this ... it gives my family plenty to laugh at me about!  

Anonymous Anonymous said...
God, I slam in my sleep...arms out like crucifiction. I usually hit Ya. Bad. But the twitches are normal for me. Is this new for you? May be something to get looked at.


Blogger xxan said...
Manica, about your Seroquel, I hope I’m not being intrusive, but how much do you take of it? I take 300mg a day (at night), but I don’t really feel it makes me sleep better. You do?
Nite, nite,

PS The best of luck for your son tomorrow!!  

Blogger Polar Bear said...
I've had those weird twitches and dreams that make me laugh out loud. This generally wakes me. Although I don't have them so closely to each other like you do within a week. Each occasion is further a part for me.

I think it's got to do with the medications I've been taking.  

Blogger xxan said...
Blonzila, thank your for your today's reply and for your compliment! :-) If you write in a language that is not your own, you often don't know if your point get's across. I have the words, I form the sentences, but does an American or a Canadian get the feeling I want to describe? Typical nuances in languages are often hard to find/comprehend for foreigners.

Anyhow, you encouraged me :-) and with all your comments I feel a less uncertain!

PS How was Adam's audition?  

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