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Saturday, February 19, 2005

A door closes and a window opens

Adam got his letter from the school for the arts on Wednesday. He didn't get it. The letter is pretty standard, saying that the reasons for not getting accepted are as varied as the students who applied. They also applaud the courage of the applicants for putting their talent on the line in such an important arena.

At first he was pretty closed mouth. Can't blame him really.

But we talked yesterday. During the interview they asked him what he would do if he didn't get in and he told the truth. He said that he would go to Rick Hansen, the high school in our area, which has its own computer animation department, the best and largest in the Greater Toronto Area. We had gone on an open house tour of that school three days before Adam's audition. They asked him at the end of the interview if he had any questions and he asked if they had an animation course like Rick Hansen does. No, they said. He could take a course in digital photography and learn to animate it on his own time.

So, I said yesterday: I don't think that his not getting accepted was a shot at his talent but rather a confirmation of how multitalented he is. Example: his portfolio and another students lay side by side. The committee, who has 700 applicants for roughly 220 spots, has to make some difficult decisions. The two portfolios show the same talent and artistic drive, but they note that Adam has another outlet. The other student, if they don't get accepted, has no other artistic outlet whereas Adam has the animation, something he's been taking in computer camps since he was about 6. So, they give the spot to the student who isn't as broadly talented as he is. He agreed with me. And I'm dead serious about it: I really believe that's why he didn't get in.

On a similar topic: a friend on my Saturday night hockey team has a copy of Flash (an animation program normally selling for $2500) that Adam wanted for Christmas but that I told him I just couldn't afford. She's getting me that copy (hopefully) tonight. Then I can install it and have it set up on Adam's computer just in time for him to come home Monday after school (he's at his dad's all weekend). What Adam wants to do "when he grows up" is to either design computer games or to do computer animation for movies. So I think that it's serendipity that he's now got this path open to him.

And the new Flash programme's not going to hurt either :-)

Blogger Dangerous Mind said...
I heard Rick Hansen had a good reputation, but didnot realise they had computer animation dept in high schools these days. Expect my kids will go there when they are older.

Hope you get the flash programme. Adam's very fortunate to have you supporting his dreams!  

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