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Monday, February 28, 2005

Embarassing Moments

If you need a good laugh, go through some of these at Dooce's site. It's great, and it'll make you feel better about that one thing that most embarassed you: we've all got some awful story about bodily functions, body parts or foot-in-mouth.

Have fun :-)

Blogger Dreaming again said...
First, you already have my embarrassing stuff, on the sleep walking comments several posts ago

Second, I wanted you to know, I will be thinking about you, and praying for you as you start your new job tomorrow. I hope you enjoy it, and everything goes smoothly!

Know that you're not alone!  

Blogger xxan said...
Hello Blondzilla,

8 PM. So I gather you are working your 3rd day on your new job. How is it going? Already had the chance to learn to know some of your collegue's?

I have no clue how far your job is from your home? So do you have lunch at work?

I'm really "curious" how you are doing in your new surroundings.

And me too, I hope everything goes wonderfully well!! I 'll have positive thoughts about you :-)  

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