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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Good Vibrations

To answer a few questions and reply to a few comments from the last few posts:

Yes I am starting a new job. Tuesday. Tomorrow I will have a day to myself. I am going to take my wonderful son out to lunch, taking advantage because my new job will have me in a different city and I won't be able to take him out like this for a while.

Hypomanic? Ya know, I was thinking I wasn't, but I've played hockey three times this weekend and skated like the wind (or my version of it, which is kind of like an old man passing wind, but it sounds good the other way). Normally by this time (after the third time on the ice in three days) I'm quite tired, but I'm not. So hypomanic: very possibly. And that might well be the source of the weird buzzing fly thing the other day.

My sense of humour is usually self-deprecating, and as long as I have that, I'm ok. It's when I fail to see the humour of things around me that I know that I'm in trouble. That's when the paranoia is extreme and I'm like in the song "They're coming to take me away, aha, they're coming to take me away oho ehee aha to the funny farm where I'll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats, they're coming to take me away aha!"

Tomorrow I'm going to have to vaccuum. Blue, she of the evil-rabbit hunting, is a Shepherd-Husky cross and she has the two distinct layers of fur that Huskies have. And she sheds. Constantly. I have little tumbleweeds rolling across the hardwood downstairs sometimes (like now), and all I need is a squinting Clint Eastwood and a sound of spurs and it's a spaghetti western (and Blue'd be the one hiding under the wagon, shaking, the big chicken).

Oh, yes, and someone has asked me about the biopsy. The first thing is to go back to the liver doctor on March 15. Then she goes over the results of the blood tests, that horrid 24-hour urine sample I had to do (what a social butterfly that made me), and she's already told me during the last appointment that the biopsy is pretty much inevitable to either confirm there's nothing wrong or to confirm the results the other tests indicate. That would likely be within a couple of weeks of that date so hopefully by end of March.

So, I'm off to shower.

I'll talk to you tomorrow, during my languid lazy day of leisure before the new job starts.

Blogger PowerProf said...
Good luck with the new job -- and enjoy your day off :)  

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