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Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Rob and Adam are at the Raptor's game tonight. Rob's boss got free tickets from somewhere so off they've went. I'm really not a fan of basketball and I don't mind staying home.

This afternoon at work I was suddenly struck with a fatigue so heavy I thought there was an invisible flannel blanket thrown over me. My movements were slower, my thoughts, I just wanted to put my head down and close my eyes.

I've made a quick bite for the two of them, and I had some left over pizza from last night. And I feel no better. I really should go downstairs and ride the bike a bit. It will pick me up. But I really feel quite slow. This is one of the very rare times for me where I'm not either manic or neutral. If I stay here staring at this damned screen any longer I think I might cry.

I think it's a boomerang from the little rant I had the other day about the liver crappy tests and such. What winds up must slow down.

I'm off to ride the bike. Even 15 minutes is better than 15 minutes of self-indulgent lethargy here. Then perhaps make some jewelry while I watch CSI. Goals are good. Let's see if I can meet them.


Blogger Franikins said...
I hope you shook off your funk by making some funk of your own riding your bike. Doesn't everybody get stinky when they exercise?

No? hhhmm, me neither. No, really.  

Blogger xxan said...
Blonzila, without wanting to sound pathetic, I think it's quite normal that one gets tired from time to time. I have the problem that I always want to pinpoint myself as either manical, or neutral, or depressed. But without this I think we can feel tired just like anybody else. I admire you though for still having the courage to cycle and make jewelry!  

Blogger Meitar said...
I often fear that moments of lethargy are, for me, a sign of worse to come. I have gotten pretty good at spotting reasons for my lack of energy over the years. I hope you feel better. Sometimes "vegging out" is the perfect cure.

(Though lately I, myself, have had to find alternatives to that; I got rid of all TV service at home.)  

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