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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Weird Wednesday

This morning at work I sent Rob an email entitled Weirdness. I told him that I kept hearing a fly, like a housefly, buzzing past me and flying into my hair and crawling over me. I kept twitching at my desk, flicking my hair (which is relatively long), and scratching at the places I felt it crawling. He said it sounded "BPish" (his word) and wondered if all was well otherwise. I told him yes and that I've been good with my meds and sleep lately, not sure what this was, but agreed BPish sounded like a good description.

The feeling wore off after about an hour and a half or two hours.

Now I meant to sit down and read blogs like I do at this time every night while waiting for Adam to come out of the shower, but I can't concentrate. This seems to be one of those nights where everyone's posts seem long and I don't have the concentration to read through it. Even when I force myself to concentrate, I find my eyes half way down the page in a moment, completely unaware of what I've just supposedly read.

Rob snoozed early tonight and is actually in bed. So I've taken my Seroquel and will go lie beside him and sleep. I am tired. Really. But the mind isn't.

Oh, and I have two more days left at my job. That's not stressing me in the slightest, just in case you think that's it. The opposite is true. I've been so happy all week just to know that my time there is winding down. We have inventory for the next two days so I will spend my time in jeans and sweatshirt, counting greasy and dusty equipment. But it's only two days and I'm outta there.

Sleep. Right. That's where I said I was going.


So here I go.



Blogger Meitar said...
Oh, how right you are....

Feel better.  

Blogger james said...
Interesting. I get these full body aches sometimes from the "illness." Also, I get the feeling sometimes like I can't stretch enough. Weirdness indeed.  

Blogger moodymicello said...
I have heard a low pitched buzzing noise in the past when I was in public and was stressing out. It has happened on more than one occasion, but always when I am in public and I am stressed. I try to see something but never can. It is weird. I am wondering if it is a form of auditory hallucination brought on by stress?  

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I had a friend try to tell me feelings like that are a spirit trying to talk to you.

Or it's like that episode of Star Trek where everyone is hyper-accelerated.

I just think it's the BP. Curiously, I don't get that feeling though...hmmmm.

Hope you're doing better.


Blogger xxan said...
Dear Blondzilla,
Have you ever had this experience before? That you hear and almost feel a fly around you?

A friend on mine had it too (also BPish) but only when he was hyper-manic, very badly. You certainly don't sound manic, so it is "weird" indeed.

Are you changing jobs?


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