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Monday, March 14, 2005

Pictionary giggles

I had a decent day at work. Rob stayed home today, getting over a nasty bout of stomach flu that hit him in the middle of Saturday night. Adam's off for March break. So when I left work for home, I called and said I was leaving, speaking to Adam. I asked if he knew what was for dinner and told him I was hungry.

I drove the 40 minute commute and got home starving. Adam says, "No dinner for you, I'm making macaroni for me, then Rob's cooking for you guys."

I was hungry and still off my course from the blip of the weekend.

Rob eventually made dinner: a chicken and rice dish I'm not a big fan of but he loves it. I ate half a portion then went to go ride the bike downstairs. On the way, Adam asked if we could play a family board game tonight. I said yes, after my bike ride.

I rode for 40 minutes, needing the time to unwind. Why was I so wound up? Stupid things: I was hungry, and normally I would've had dinner ready for Rob right away. I had to wait. No big deal, but since I am still trying to get steady again, my brain made it into one. Both Adam and Rob knew I was "off", both separately asking for hugs and massaging my shoulders, trying to physically impart some peace.

I finished the bike ride and we decided on Pictionary as our board game. It's the Junior version, bought long ago for Adam. The rules state that when there's only 3 players, one draws for both the remaining players. The game is rather short. Before each picture we would give a clue.

Rob drew first. I won handily.

Then Adam drew. I won handily. One of his words was bulldozer. The clue was "Starts with B". He drew a square, then a rectangle, joined by a long rectangle, and I got it. Rob was flabbergasted.

Then I drew. One of the words was cow. The clue was "on the farm". I drew a circle for the head. Adam got it. Rob made a big deal out of it, in a funny way that is. He drew these little circles saying: "cow, cow, cow". Adam and I were laughing. Then another word was "Funhouse". The clue was "at the fair". I drew a right angle, about to draw the house and Adam said "Funhouse". Rob's eyes nearly fell out of his head. He drew a right angle repeatedly, talking in a voice like he'd swallowed helium, saying "look at me, I can draw a funhouse". Then he'd look at us in mock disgust, saying, "man, I just don't see it. Stop using your trippy mother-son psychic stuff here, k?" The final word, for Adam to win the game, was rattlesnake. The clue was "things that bite". I drew what was meant to be its head, looking like an just-slightly elongated letter C. Adam got it. Rob drew a cow and a rattlesnake in a funhouse, just as I drew them, so it looked like a circle and a C sitting on a right angle. Then he murmured "bloody conspiracy, just because I'm not a blood relative..."

Adam and I were laughing so we were crying.

I needed that. And they knew it. They take care of me so well. They are great, both of the men in my life.

Blogger Meitar said...
:) I smiled just about all the way through this entry. Thanks for sharing.  

Blogger moodymicello said...
Yay for all of you playing pictionary in this age of technology. You took me back to some fond memories. And tell Rob it's not a blood thing. My mom and my husband would get me every time! Thanks for a great post.  

Blogger Franikins said...
My two nieces play the same way. It's eerie.

Glad to hear family game night was such a success.  

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