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Friday, March 04, 2005

What a breath of fresh air

The first week at the new job has been a wonderful change. I actually had people asking about my life - do you have kids, are you married, etc. At the old job, people do not interract, except for this little clique of three or four people. They don't volunteer information (even just simple things such as where do you live: I was told "Toronto"...great answer. 3 million people live in T.O. I'm not going to stalk you, you stupid woman). At this new job, people are considerate, laid back, and friendly.

I have *some* work to do but of course, being the first week, it's a little slow while I get adjusted to the whole system of the place. I'll be doing a little bit more of the marketing here and working with my old boss, who is fantastic. The only reason I ever left where he was before was that he was transferred to a new department and his replacement was a doofus.

Tonight is power skating, and then hockey Saturday night and Sunday night as usual. Monday is the next appointment with my stupid pdoc. I'm not looking forward to it. I never do. But we'll just get it over with.

Hope all is well with everyone out there.

Blogger Meitar said...
Glad to hear that the new job is one where you feel good. :)

I can relate to a feeling of social exclusion in the workplace. Then again, I can relate to feelings of social exclusion just about all the time.

Okay, perhaps it's time to go blog on my own site rather than rant in your comments. :)

Best wishes,

Blogger PowerProf said...
Glad to hear it's going well :)  

Blogger Dangerous Mind said...
It's always good when people spare time to "really talk" at work.

I've found that by making extra effort to build good rapport with the sales groups I support makes my job a whole lot more enjoyable.

I work in the finance group and have commented recently "this job would be great if I didnot have to deal with other finance people!"

It's just they are just too busy with work to sit back and relax.

Hope your new job continues to go well!  

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