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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A Day In The Life

of a low-grade hypomanic mom/wife/professional (professional what we're not sure)

6.45 am wake up
6.50 first coffee, make a bowl of oatmeal
6.55 eat oatmeal
7.00 second cup of coffee
7.05 reply to email from mom who advised she and Dad made it to Florida (they drove)
7.10 wake up son for school
7.15 make breakfast for son
7.20 realise lunches weren't made last night, so make lunch for son
7.30 get dressed for work after getting son to sit down
7.40 get son out the door for school, just after husband leaves
7.45 leave for work
8.20 arrive at work
12.00 lunch - drive to bank nearby to get US money order
12.30 stop at Subway to get wrap
12.45 arrive back at work, eat lunch
1.00 back at work
5.07 leave work
5.40 back at home
5.45 change clothes and go for run (just shy of 3 miles)
6.13 cool down walk in front of house
6.20 make cheese tortellini with homemade cheese sauce for Adam for dinner
6.40 Adam eats dinner
6.41 make sandwich and salad for myself for dinner
7.00 finish eating, have shower
7.20 put in laundry
7.30 sign Adam's homework
7.40 put laundry in dryer, put 2nd load in
7.45 make instant pudding for lunches for the remainder of the week, divying up into four separate containers
8.00 do dishes
8.10 make lunches for tomorrow
8.20 set up coffee maker for tomorrow
8.25 rotate laundry - washer to dryer, dryer to hamper
8.35 sit and catch last 1/2 hr of CSI repeat with Adam
9.00 Adam asks me to watch Family guy with him
9.10 take Seroquel
9.30 Family Guy done - Adam goes into shower
9.40 Adam comes out of shower, into bed
9.55 I'm done typing and off to bed myself.

I'm not seriously hypomanic but there's a definite increase in energy since meds change. Rob's still watching. So far so good.

Blogger moodymicello said...
Hey, hey! Sounds like you are under control -- Are you actually sleeping that 10:00-6:45? Like, without interruption???? If so that is truly awesome. and I am really happy for you. I just got home about 45 minutes ago from San Diego and am on my way to bed. Will blog in the a.m. Glad to hear you are doing well. Michele  

Blogger Franikins said...
That's a regular day?! Wow! There is so much to get done. I don't accomplish that much in a week because I procrastinate, don't cook for one, don't have a paying job, etc.

I am in awe of how you do it. Laundry? You mean I should actually WASH my dirty clothes instead of just buying new ones?  

Blogger Meitar said...
Yeah, I'm just going to second the comment before mine but, OHMYGODHOWDOYOUDOTHATEACHDAY?

I can't ever get that much done in one day because I either procrastinate or else I focus on ONE thing do that intensively. But then again, that's the hypomania sooo...I dono.

But, wow. You're incredible.  

Blogger Polar Bear said...
wow. You have a very full day. I too find it amazing that you do this each and every day.  

Blogger Dreaming again said...
I have to keep an 'activity journal' for my rheumatologist (who thinks my pain level might be over activity & lack of rest) I think I'm supposed to get as detailed as you ..but if I do ... I'll be in trouble!


Blogger moodymicello said...
Wed am. Notice I am not asleep. I'm on a break. hehe. Do I note a pattern here that always falls true for me when my meds are not right and that is the beginning of hypomania tell tale signal: all my time is taken up with work e.g., laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. and no time taken for computer, journaling, writing, artistic pursuits. The right brain suffers. You haven't been keeping up your blog since the med change. I haven't been keeping up mine since your med change either. Go figure that one! M  

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Damn! I think I need to log my day!

Inspiration here, thank you.

And damn...what a day!

Keep the thread...and stay true.


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