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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Not Sure

Lots of noise today. My ears are ringing. I don't know why.


Fine otherwise though.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I hear ya. No, really, I hear it too! I have had ringing ears for as long as I can remember, 24/7. I will wake in the middle of the night and hear it. I have read that it could be related to hypothyroid (which may also be related to depression), or it might be that Rush concert in 1989, or maybe I am getting interference on the FM band in my head.

OK, now try not to think about it .. yeah, right!  

Blogger moodymicello said...
i get that whemmn there is too much going on and stacking up in my head. Michele  

Blogger EJ said...
I've always called it a buzz....can't get it to stop. One of the ways I know when I am manic....well that and I start typing 100 wpm...but the buzz..thats the worst.  

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