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Saturday, April 23, 2005
The weather today isn't the best. But what is a girl to do when she has energy to burn and is allergic to housework? Posted by Hello

Blogger Becky said...
Your dog is so beautiful! I bet he probably sheds quite a bit, but a little bit of hair is worth the affections. B and I have a greyhound and in the winter, we actually have to put a coat on him because he has so little hair. His tummy is pratically bald. That's the way most of em are though.

Anyway, scratch Blue's ears for me!  

Blogger Franikins said...
Not to worry, Blondzila. PETA is not going to swoop down on you for your wonderful treatment of Blue.

Speaking of dog's in the rear view mirror, when I used to let Hope ride free in the back seat, I would catch a glimpse of the two of us in the mirror and mistake us for Tina Turner. All I could see was my face and this wild, blond mane sprouting from my head.

It makes me chuckle thinking about it. :D  

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