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Tuesday, May 03, 2005


This made me feel like I've done something worthwhile, writing my heart out like I do.

From an short email conversation I had recently with shrinkette, She said:

FYI, I was on call last weekend, and I met a patient with elevated liver enzymes. I launched into a long speech about med changes, and she just sat there and looked at me, saying nothing. And then it hit me in a flash....Blondzila! White noise! So I said, "These are meds that you've depended on for a long time, and it must be scary to hear me talk about changing them." Well, all at once, when she heard that, she started crying, and crying, and really talking to me. We compromised on the med changes (less drastic dose reductions, more "wait and see.") Thank you, Blondizila!!!!! You are helping people 2,700 miles away. Post this paragraph on your blog, if you like!

Wow. Sometimes I feel very alone, that I'm the only one with this monster running amok in my brain. I know I've so many bipolar friends that read this, and on a rational level I know I'm not the only one, but still sometimes I have thoughts that I'm different, that you all seem to have such a good handle on things that I must be alone in my struggles. But shrinkette's anecdote tells me that not only am I not alone, but that my writing here in an attempt to help exorcise some of my demons has actually helped someone else feel not so alone, to feel like someone understands and cares.

What a wonderful currency: caring. Not traded as often as it should be, but all the more precious a commodity for that fact.

Thank you shrinkette. Like I said in my email, you have no idea how good your timing is.

Blogger Franikins said...
That wonderful currency:caring. How right you are! And when I head to the Great White North in a few days, I am hoping with the exchange rate that I will get more Canadian caring in return for my American caring.

I'm pretty sure I will.

I'm glad to hear that you do make a difference. You have had a positive influence. That's a pretty cool thing in my book.  

Blogger moodymicello said...
You have given a lot of caring in your blog. That plus a lot of useful/pertinent informationn. and a lot of pleasurable info/stories and a great number of belly laughs and smiles. We all love you for it. M

PS I am about to appreciate dealing with change as I cut down the number of therapy appointments due to changes in my insurance. I am SCARED such that my kneew are wobbling and I can't balance peas on a fork. Hope I do okay with the limited appts. I hate change.  

Blogger xxan said...
Blondzila, sorry I wasn't here for so long, I tell you why in my blog, you are welcome of course. You did a really wonderful thing ! Of course it must give you great and warm feeling that you actually and concretely helped someone. I agree with Michele that, whereas I don't know you thát well, I do know you as a caring person. A person that is concerned with others, bipolars e.g.

I think I hear between your lines that you are doing good. Am I right? You see, we bipolars, can just about have good times too.

Still I would like to erase the bad ones with my delete button...



PS If you like I have some new pictures of new very hairy friends on my blog. As if straight from the musical "Hair". Sorry weak joke.  

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