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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Ten Things I've Never Done

Shrinkette :-) What a great idea...and it will get me out of an egocentric spiral by thinking about me. How ironic. And to think about things I've never done makes me think about what I HAVE done.

Boy have I been busy. Tattoos, check. Piercings, check. Been stalked, been confused for a serial killer (I'm dead serious. It was scary). Seen all kinds of things, done all kinds worse. Like that night at that party with the man in the stirrups...but that's another story.

But here we go. Hmmmm....this is harder than I thought.

Ten Things I've Never Done:

1) Climbed a mountain (the little ski hill at the park where I grew up doesn't count).
2) Been on a plane trip more than 2 1/2 hrs long.
3) Seen any episode of Survivor (I have a thing against reality TV as a concept).
4) Scored a hat trick in hockey.
5) Had a broken leg.
6) Stayed at a job more than 5 years at one stretch.
7) Picked up another woman at a bar.
8) Played organised sports as a child.
9) Learned to ski.
10) Finished my university degree

Now, who will I tag?
Michele? Tidal Moods? Whadya say Becky?
Pearls and Dreams? Anyone else want to take up the baton?

Thanks again, shrinkette. I do feel a little better.

Blogger moodymicello said...
You are right about the things we have done. This is one of those times when being bipolar enters in for sure. My list of have dones is left to the imagination. I've not done 6 of your 10 either. I've taken you up on the challenge. Limited my choices to things I wish I had done.. Michele  

Blogger Dreaming again said...
I will take up the baton, but I am going to have to think overnight.

I like Michelle's take, but I'm not going that route ... somehow I'll wind up with God holding me to those wishes LOL

I haven't done 5 of the 10 you've done (4, 6,7,9,10)
Been on ski's ..but dislocated my hip 1/3 the way down the bunny trail, never put the awful things on again!!!  

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