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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Karla's Dilemma

This is major news for some people in Canada.

Do a google search on Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka. I won't do it. It upsets me too much to see the details. But this woman is dangerous. She is manipulative. Read the attached story very carefully: she took part in the rape and murder of her own younger sister. The tapes they mention show she was a willing participant, not victim of an abusive husband.

She is now attempting to get an injunction against any media reporting on her. Ever more. This would be her second attempt at this, since the first one the judge essentially said you made your bed as a murderess, now lie in it and face the Canadian public.

She said she fears for her life.

She should. I'm serious. I can see people being angry enough at the whole history of this and the deal she made to get a cheap sentence, someone just hauling off and killing her.

Years ago just after her trial, I got followed by a man while I was in downtown Toronto who swore at me and wondered how I'd escaped. He thought I was Karla Homolka. I was scared: I knew how angry people were and thought, holy crap what if this loony really is a vigilante and wants to serve justice to Canada by knocking her off, but killing me because he thinks I'm her.

I've told that story (about the misidentification) several times over the years and people swear I don't look like her. There's a vague resemblance: we're both blonde, female and about a year apart in age (I'm older).

But no matter where she goes, injunction or not, she won't be able to hide. She's made a name for herself, even if she changes it (it's legally now Karla Teale), and no matter where she goes she will be found out.

Murder is a relatively rare thing in Canada: we were 26th out of 63 industrialised nations (the US was 6th, Britain was 18th) . So when something as monstrous as the Bernardo murders happens, I think there's an anthropologically understandable response by our society to banish the perpetrators. And what better way to banish them than death? I'm not advocating her murder. But I won't be surprised when it happens.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I am fascinated by the whole story. You have to give the woman credit though, she is a psychopath, but a brilliant one, which makes it even scarier.

She has no right to ask that reporters not report on her. She does have the right to keep her whereabouts secret. Remember, she is not a dangerous offender under the law, morally she is. Just because what she did was wrong and the government screwed up does not mean her rights can be violated as sickening as it is.  

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