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Monday, June 27, 2005

On Edge

There are ants in the house.

Yesterday, Rob and I found a MOUND of dog food in between the crack of the sectional couch. The dog's been hiding it. And for each morsel of food, there must've been five ants. And the odd straggler throughout the main floor on the hardwood, rushing to catch up.

We cleaned like mad, Rob lifting up one end of the sectional at one point so I could vacuum under and inside it from the bottom and the dog food just rained down. I washed the floors all round where they were found after Rob did the vacuuming.

The ants weren't there in the morning.

I came from Adam's baseball tonight (I'd not stepped in the house since 7.45 am) and looked around. The ants were all along the baseboard further along in the house, away from the original site.

This freaks me out. I'm spraying bug spray on every possible surface where I see them.

It reminds me of my mom, when I was little, telling me what a dirty girl I was, (the term was dirty pig), what a fat kid I was (throwing a bed sheet at me once and telling me that's all that would fit me one day), these things all seem to roll together in my head into one incident, but of course they're not.

I'm not slovenly. Really. I'm not. I do clean on a regular basis. I don't know how the ants got in or if the dog food was even the trigger. I've been "off" since this happened yesterday evening and I'm finding it hard to get centred again.

The shadow of the dirty pig is long and dark. I can't seem to shake it.

And this invasion has triggered my latent paranoia. I'm literally walking around the house like a hunchback, taking wide but shallow steps, staring at the floor, watching for movement. I remember just before Greg (my ex) and I were engaged and he lived with a friend in a townhouse near my parents. The place was infested with cockroaches. I had never seen one in my life and I had a terrible fear of them touching me. Greg didn't seem to mind them. I was so scared to go down into the kitchen after dark: they'd be everywhere.

I know these are ants and not roaches but it gives me the same feeling of being filthy. I've been fighting tears off and on. This situation just seems beyond my control. Part of me is gearing up to manic mode. I can feel it straining at the bit. The medication is watering it down and the result is a horrible tension in me that leaves me finding it difficult to communicate with people. My boss asked me today why I'd been so quiet. I just shrugged, nodded or shook my head to whichever question he asked.

I'm on edge and I don't like it.

Blogger moodymicello said...
I would be on edge too. Lie down and try some deep breathing and go on a mental trip to somewhere peaceful. Put on some music that is relaxing and start relaxing each body part starting with your toes and work upwards.
As to the ants when I had those pests in the kitchen I got these roundish ant traps and the workoed well or find out where they are coming in from and put something on the outside. I'm sure you have thought of that. Being in Houston, we fight the insect battle and, in fact, have to have the exterminator every three months. So I wish you much luck in your battle. Michele  

Blogger Franikins said...
Yes, ant traps work. The ants take the poison food back to their colony and kill everybody there. It takes a few days but let them travel back home and then they stop showing up. Try not to leave sugar or another food source near the traps.

Read about my ant battle from last year:  

Blogger Franikins said...
That didn't's the rest of the address:


Blogger synergy said...
We're dealing with ants as well. It's a summer thing. They are making pilgramage to our garbage can. This is to go along with the fruit flies. Both are driving K nuts.

Nothing to do with slovenly behavior. It's hard to keep bugs out in the summer.  

Blogger Cliff said...
The ants here are marching to just about anything they can find to march to. But they won't touch the ant poison.

I have had some success with a sugar/borax solution. I think it's borax. Anyways, do a search on homemade ant poison and you'll turn it up.  

Blogger Childe Epiphelion FK TEQ said...
Greetings Zilz,
Pheidole in the New World: A Dominant, Hyperdiverse Ant Genus, 2003, Harvard University Press, ISBN 0674002938

I am guessing you'v already seen this page...
if not I am greatly pleased by the smile I know 'twill bring thy countanace, for in a just, and fair, universe, the vast portion of time passage would see such expression on the face of a lady, of compassionate heart, intrepid mind, and indomitable spirt, the goodtrue Lady Blondzila.
While living just outside Yosemite NP, ants laid siege to my castle, and it seemed that nothing could stop their intrusion. I repeatedly lay waste to their colums only to find them redirected but still breaching my defenses. I recalled the ants' usage of formic acid , so I filled a sprayer tank with 5 gallons of water and two boxes of baking soda, with which I sprayed a 3 foot wide moat around my place, repeating once a month or after signifigant rainfall. No more ants!!!
Be advised this was a one trial experiment, based on unresearched assumptions, with no control group. IOW could be the purest malarky.
Good luck my friend.  

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