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Friday, July 29, 2005

A good question

Michele raised a good point with me:

Are they hallucinations if I'm still aware of what's going around me? I would think no. That's why I call them visions: I see both the present and the "event" or the "picture". The vision takes a lot of my concentration and is highly distracting. But I don't remember ever thinking it was real. Just highly intrusive and highly disturbing and having a sense that it could be real.


Anonymous broke said...
I don't know - I have had similar experiences - it's the power of visions which distinguishes them from thoughts, perhaps? And the sense that one is not entirely in control? That part is frightening...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I brake for hallucinations...
The difference is that hallucinations are unreal images and visions. Whereas, what you describe are manifestations of though processes, ie flying pigs with green talking frogs vs. a plane crash on July 32...
I did a lot of "field research" concerning hallucinogens. There's a difference...  

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