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Thursday, July 21, 2005

A moment

I got an email from a friend yesterday asking if I was okay, since it had been some time since I'd posted anything on my blog. Yes, I am okay. Just been busy.

Adam is away for a week with his father on a train trip up into the northern reaches of the province. It's called the "Polar Bear Express". I miss him.

Hockey was late last night: 10 pm game, which means 11 pm off the ice and close to midnight before Rob and I could even think about sleep. That disruption in my sleep time has left me a little distractable this morning (concentration on one specific thing isn't more than about 10 minutes at a time, and even that estimate might be pushing it).

I keep going back to the CBC website (my homepage both here and at work) and refreshing the data to get more info on this new wave of London attacks.

I would like everyone to take a moment please and look around you, and either hug the loved ones close by, or even hug yourself. Confirm you are safe, sound and give a thought to how lucky you are.

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