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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

She's out

Karla Homolka is out of jail. After seeking an injunction several times to stop the press from reporting on her once out of jail, what does she do? Within an hour of being released, she is on Radio-Canada, the French version of the CBC television, explaining how sad she is and how she doesn't think she deserves to be happy. That's logical: go to court to demand the press don't report on you, and then go to the press.

When she was asked why she came to the French media rather than the English, she said, among other things, that the French media and people have been easier on her than English Canada.

If I was a Quebecer, I'd be outraged at the implications there.

I so want to go off my meds, find her and have a "chat".

Anonymous Anonymous said...
That interview was downright creepy. So emotionless. I think she mourned the loss of her capuccino for 12 years than her sister. Let's go off our meds together and track her down shall we?  

Blogger blondzila said...
Oh yeah. Let's go find her, med-free, and show her what it's REALLY like to have it rough (can you believe she wants an ice cap first thing? I'm sure Tim Horton's was just so impressed with that shit). And now Paul's "agitated" at all the attention she's getting.  

Blogger moodymicello said...
Doesn't look like anyone did much work on a psycopath from the psychiatric point of view...I'd rather see her locked up safe and sound...forever...on meds to be sure she doesn't get the opportunity to hurt anyone else. She is a monster -- granted a sick one --- but a monster nonetheless. Not worth going off your meds for ladiesk hehe. Michele  

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