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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I can't do no log

I've been keeping track the past week and a half of my moods by a few words of entry into my daytimer in my purse, just a little pocket calendar. I've tried in the past these intricate moods charts and frankly I never seem to have the concentration to keep it up for long.

As for the war between mind and body today...

drum roll

The mind is winning!


No fatigue.

Rob and I had gone out to lunch to Quizno's where I made some lame joke with the guy in line in front of us who didn't find it funny. So then I sat there making faces behind his back and laughing. Rob just gave me the eye and told me silently to settle down. Lunch helps keep me grounded somewhat - just because I get to spend time with Rob. The days we can't eat lunch together I really notice the difference in my mood and stability.

The heat today has been just awful, 42 C or 108 F with the humidity factored in. But me, at lunch, was sitting outside writing in my journal in the sun. No shade for me!!! I'm writing a story about a time in the not so far future where politics has swung to the extreme and religion has become the state. During this framework, a woman's daughter goes missing and she has to work within and fight against this structure to find her. So at lunch I am more often than not writing in there if I've got time to myself. Everyone else was complaining about how draining the heat was. I found it invigorating. I'm also quite pleased with myself today. In how I look. Feeling kinda sexy :-) and damn it all if it doesn't give off vibes to the men around me :-). I see 'em lookin' :-)

Then tonight was both Adam's first baseball playoff game and my third hockey playoff game. So I stayed at Adam's till the bottom of the fifth inning (they play 7), then went to my game. I scored my first goal of the season, helping our team to a 3-0 win. Adam's team lost 10-8 unfortunately, so, if they lose Friday, they're done for the season.

I'm not tired yet - I took my Seroquel a bit late because of hockey. Rob's already in bed wondering where I am. I should go. I'll be staring at the ceiling in a short while - Rob's too tired to attack tonight.

So - long story short (too late) - in the war of mind vs body, mind is winning. The body has been convinced it is energetic and dead sexy. WOOHOO!

Blogger moodymicello said...
Glad to see your mind won. and glad you are feeling sexy That self confidence does wonders for you. It's something we all need. I wish my mind would come back from Iceland or whatever frozen state it's in. This depressed cycle is not noromal for me. I usually go from sub "noromal" to manic -- my big challenge to keep the mania under control. WooHoo. Noto a problem at the moment. By the say, glad you made faces at the guy in Quiznos. haha m  

Blogger joney said...
I think the mood tracker is a great idea and I might try it.

So happy to read that you had such a wonderful day. Reading about it made my day so much brighter!

Being sexy rocks!
Make those men stare :)  

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