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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A paraphrased synopsis of the key event today

Email from me to Rob:

"Thank you again for listening to me at lunch. It was really hard for me to talk to you like that and tell you those things. I don't mean to worry you but if I don't tell someone, if I don't let it out, then it sits inside me and starts to eat at me. If that makes sense.


As usual

Thanks for being there and for being you.

I'd be lost without you".

Rob's email response back to me:

"Hey, no problem, bud. We'll get lost together.

And just remember, if you hear sounds that no one else is hearing, it's all you, baby. And never be afraid to tell me things. I want to know.

Remember, I'm your bud."

And no, he wasn't joking about the sounds.

I read his email and almost cried.

Blogger joney said...
Oh you are sooo terribly lucky.
You deserve it but I am still very jealous!


Blogger moodymicello said...
Joney is right. There is no one in my family that I would want to tell that to --- cause that's not exactly the response I'd get. I can talk to my therapist fortunately. But I miss Tim. He understood.  

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Everyone deserves that understanding ,it's priceless  

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