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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Plane Crash

An Air France plane crashed 5 miles, as the crow flies, from my house today. It carried over 300 people, 290+ passengers and then the crew. We are in the midst of another humid heat wave, which grows unstable thunderstorms like mushrooms in the dark. It was in one of these torrential downpours, lightning warnings on all the radios, that this plane simply skidded 200 metres off the runway and into a 30 m deep ravine.

And no fatalities.

Testimonies are starting to arise at how quick the emergency response was. Within 90 seconds was one report.

The plane crashed along a runway that runs parallel to a sixteen lane highway, the busiest in Canada (I live a mile and a half, two kilometers, south of that highway, about another five minutes west of the airport. I live directly in the flight path). People were pulling off the side of the road and helping passengers who had struggled up the ravine where the plane had come to rest, fleeing the burning wreckage, driving them to nearby triage centres.

And no fatalities.

The most recent report is 14 people with minor injuries.

And as I drove on the detour around the site (I usually drive right past that spot on my way home every day), there was a beautiful rainbow.

Normally I would be sticking my finger in my throat at just how cute and prosaic the imagery is.

But it's true. A beautiful rainbow, and no fatalities.

Blogger moodymicello said...
How ironic that you live so close to the airport. The planes fly over my house too I am about 12 minutes away from out airport. By the way, NO FATALITIES, and that rainbow -- I call it a Higher Power. But whatever conclusion you reach, doesn't it make you feel like "GOOD" is in control????  

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