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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

And then there was one

Rob quit his job today.

No he doesn't have another one yet. But he was having chest pains (his father had his first heart attack at Rob's age), he's been throwing up in the morning before work (and not telling me), he can't sleep, he's not eating right.

I tried to get him to wait until the end of the week (he's positive he was getting fired), but he can't. And I can't make him stay somewhere he's literally getting sick. But by leaving like this, he gets no severance or anything. He's been there 20 yrs so his package would've been substantial.

I'm scared about the money, but Rob feels like there's a 1000 lb weight gone and he said he'll take temp jobs driving lift trucks if he has to. He's already (before quit) got two companies that are interested in him - one is checking his references - so I hope something comes together fairly quickly. We cannot survive - not even close - on my salary alone.

But I have to trust Rob's judgment. I've never doubted him before and he's always been there for me. It's a wonderful coincidence that my meds seemed to have got me in a healthy place because if I wasn't, I don't know how I could deal with this. Perhaps that's what Rob's been waiting for, for me to be healthy again.

And for some reason, one thing that keeps going through my head is "what's my mom going to say?" I don't want her to think any less of Rob. But my father was hospitalised with a nervous breakdown when I was ten. He was in there 6 weeks. So hopefully she can understand both the fact that he's no less of a person for looking after himself this way and she can also understand the position I'm in. Why do I care so much about what she thinks? I guess because she's my mom and it's hard wired in me to seek her approval. I don't like it much but I can't seem to change it. But she really likes Rob. Hopefully she'll see his side of things.

Life, to say the least, will be interesting for the next little while.

Blogger moodymicello said...
If Rpb could not wait til the end of the week, he must have been desperate to get out of there. and for his health, no price is too high.

I know the scary thought of being the only one working and the whirliing dervish of thoughts that pass through your mind. Try to keep all that on hold and know that everything hahppens for a reason and something good will come of this eventually.

I know about the mom thing. But what is important is what you think of Rob. Let your mom know that the job was having serious physical impacts on his health and it was best for him to leave. Moms have a way of coming through when you least expect it. I'm pulling for you. Glad your meds are working for you. Although we don't agree, I will keep you in my prayers. Michele  

Blogger synergy said...
I'm amazed by your calm in your post. When K was going through job issues, I felt constantly anxious and sick to my stomach, as our finances are designed for a 2 income household.

However, you are doing the right thing by trusting his judgement. You know the value of health and you're right that his job isn't worth trading his health for it.

Good luck!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Good for Rob for having the courage to do this! Good for you for believing in him.  

Blogger joney said...
I think you are an awesome couple. I am glad he got out before he let it hurt him worse. I am sorry about the severence but I think that you guys will be fine because you are a very understanding wife. You are a great strong couple and I wish to have what you have one day.


Blogger sansanity said...
well i'm glad he quit too! i'd rather your post be "i'm scared but rob is here" rather than "rob is dead, but hey he left this nice severance package as a parting gift."

i'm glad your meds ahve you in a good enough place to cope with this. i know the depths money problems can drive you too. and i know the mother thing too!
you ahve strength you did not even know you had. i feel it all the way here--your kind words to me ooze it and empower me. yeah we may have the power but my laptop battery does not. more later.  

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