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Friday, September 16, 2005

Where ya bin

I bought the CSI PC game last weekend.

I have therefore spent many hours...MANY long FREAKIN hours, listening to Catherine Willows be snarky with me when I ask her for a hint because I can't find another clue and Jim Brass is a dick head.

It's good that my new meds are working otherwise I would start thinking the game really was getting personal with me. I'd have to punch the monitor to get Catherine to shut up. But hey, meds are working much better now (giggling maniacally).

So if I'm not on for a bit, you know I'm trying to pretend I'm the cop I always wanted to be but failed the psych test for (aced the IQ, failed the psych...imagine that).

Oh yeah

And my boss said today "Have I told you lately what a great job you're doing?".

What a way to go into the weekend.

Blogger moodymicello said...
You sound great! See you shouda bought the game long ago. Look how much better you're doing! All that intruding thoughts was just your mind wanting to play cops "n' robbers. haha And I thought you were bipolar Silly me..hha Have a ball. Michele  

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