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Monday, October 10, 2005

7 things

I read this on sansanity's blog and while she didn't tag me I thought it'd be a silly fun thing to do.

7 Things to Do Before I Die:
1) go on a cruise
2) finish my degree
3) write a novel that gets published
4) see my son working in the field he's aiming to (yes I know he's 14 but I know it's a hard road)
5) travel Canada
6) get off all bipolar medication
7) travel to the Caribbean (I know it's lame but I've never been

7 Things I Can Do
1) speak French (not 100% fluent but pretty good)
2) draw
3) paint
4) be a good mom
5) be very sexually adventurous
6) run (although not as well as I once did since the weight gain, but I try)
7) play hockey

7 Things I Can Not Do:
1) a cartwheel
2) speak Chinese
3) not get aggravated at telemarketers
4) answer the door if I know it's Jehovah's Witnesses
5) play the drums
6) skateboard
7) care too much about high fashion

7 Things that Attract Me to the Opposite Sex:
1) hands
2) physical power and confidence
3) no pretty boys - I want him to look like a man, dammit
4) dark hair (even though Rob shaves his head...he was dark haired when we met)
5) a sense of adventure
6) good sense of humour
7) being tall
And BONUS #8 a hairy chest

7 Things I Say Most Often:
1) I love you
2) ah fuck a duck
3) ya think?
4) Adam do you have all your homework done?
5) Could you leave that with me and I'll see what I can do and get back to you?
6) What do you want for dinner?
7) Get outta here!

7 Celebrity Crushes:
1) Ray Liotta
2) Rutger Hauer
3) Ed Harris
4) Michael Biehn
5) Mickey Rourke (now, not in his old stupid part of his career)
6) Tom Berenger
7) can't think of one - but if you'll notice, they all fall pretty close within the things that attract me to the opposite sex - no pretty boys


Blogger sansanity said...
i only didn't tag you cuz i figured you had been tagged! (i think it was on of those "poor me, i don't know anyone" kind of pity party's.

whohoo! you just made my morning girl! a therapist once told me that lists like these were a great way to discover things about yourself.  

Blogger sansanity said...
i said "ah fuckaduck" at work yesterday! my whole office was in hysterics. apparently i said it really fast so it sounded like 1 word in a voice like daffy duck.  

Blogger sansanity said...
so i'm just re-reading your liast and i realize that no jehovah's witnesses ever come in my neighborhood--i guess it is a benefit of living in a fairly orthodox jewish neighborhood.

i want the "be sexually adventurous" to be in my things to do before i die.  

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Is that adventerous enough for you???  

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