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Sunday, November 27, 2005

A fool

What a fool.

I've hurt my two sisters.

I've said awful things and I can't unsay them.

Apparently I've been saying awful things for years, but didn't know it.

They're never going to believe me. Never going to trust me.

And they both now think that my behaviour is imitated by Rob. And maybe by my son. But it's not.

I'm the one who says idiotic things. Not them.

We never said a word before you opened the door. You won't believe me but it's true.

I'm so lost. So very lost.

Blogger sansanity said...
thinking of you--wishing on a star for you...

Blogger BipolarPrincess said...
Wish you well Blondzila, hoping your family will understand.

:* Princess  

Blogger moodymicello said...
You are not alone. Many of us have said hurtful things - often unknowingly. It's the disease. Don't forget that you are a good person.  

Blogger Ms Peculiar said...
I don't normally comment, but I really feel your pain coming through on this one. Family can be the trickiest of all people. It is so hard to hold back with them, and we often hurt the one's we love. The thing is.. They love us in spite.. usually? Keep your head up. _ last week I saw a NEW MEXICO license plate that said BLNDZLA- I thought about you! Still am... Be well  

Blogger AMO said...
You are not a fool. You might just be Human and make mistakes. If everyone were able to perfectly monitor what they say, especially to those whose buttons we can so easily press, How Boring Would Life get?

We'd be eating Soylent Green.

Seriously, humans of all stripes, bipolar or "Normals" *sarcasm dripping* stick their feet in their mouths. But, I've yet to see anyone over the age of three keep it there. Be good to you.  

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