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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Questions for the Mentally Ill

I got this from Manica. I think I saw it (or something similar) on broke's blog as well. It's not original, believe me, and I've added in these three sentences so no one gets the wrong idea (I might be being paranoid but I don't want anyone upset with me just because I didn't - rightly - attribute the original source).


What is your diagnosis?Bipolar Disorder

When were you diagnosed?September 2003

How long do you think you have suffered mental illness?Since I was a teenager.

What medications are you taking for your illness? Epival (Depakote/valproic acid/same thing) 1000 mg/day (500 mg AM, 500 mg dinner), Seroquel 600 mg (200 mg in AM, 400 mg before bed)

Tell us about an episode.
really serious one where i was hospitalized and finally diagnosed: spent $5000 to reupholster my entire living room (which I had no experience in), ran 3 miles a day, roller bladed, was training to become a volunteer police officer (bench pressing, push ups, chins, etc), crashed, decided I need to cut my left hand off, scared myself silly, went to the ER who kept me there against my will and had to phone Rob to tell him I was in the loony bin and they wouldn't let me go (he had no idea where I was)...that's a basic outline. I know when episodes are starting when I think people are whispering about me and I have to use super human strength not to drive into a bridge abutment, and I'm starting arguments with everyone around me.

Do you feel ashamed of your illness? A lot of the time, yes. But less and less as time goes by. I just wish it would go away and leave me be.

What advice do you have for other sufferers?
Bury your pride and learn to live by a schedule. It helps a lot when you sleep and eat regularly and take the medications at the same time. Since our brains can't manage stability on their own, we have to help it along by imposing a stable time schedule.

What advice do you have for those who don't suffer from your condition?Not everyone with mental illness is dangerous or weird (ok, weird is more likely). But don't start thinking I'm less of a person than you because I'm no better or worse. Just different.

Is there anything you want to say to Tom Cruise?(1) come out of the closet already you little leprachaun (2) keep your opinions to yourself (3) come out of the closet (yes,repetition for emphasis)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Good post!  

Blogger PowerProf said...
Thanks for sharing. I want others to understand - thanks for taking steps to help the world learn about us.  

Blogger moodymicello said...
good post I agree. Wouldn't hurt for all of us to do one. The disease is different for each of us. We are like snowflakes - each unique in our illness as we are in everything else. Michele  

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Food for Thought:
If each symptom was created by some facet in your life, what would each one mean and how and why was it created...?  

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